We bake to specific roast levels, and monitor moisture and colour to suit your needs.


Our artisan caramelising lines are designed to caramelise product with targeted sugar content, roast level and flavour, to satisfy the most sophisticated palate.


We offer a range of coatings, including gluten-free options that deliver great taste and a moreish crunch.


We have mastered the classics as well as new product launches eliminating allergens while using the finest seasoning blends.

Optical Sorting - UK Cleaning

Using cutting edge optical sorting lines, we offer UK re-cleaned material.

New Product Development

We work with our customers to offer unique products to take to market and create bespoke ranges to suit their processing needs.

Heat Treatment

With our validated baking and caramelising lines we are able to offer heat treated, Ready to Eat, products with up to 6-log reduction.

Bulk Packing

We offer both portable sacks for manual handling and tote bags for industrial operators.