We have mastered the classics and introduced unique flavours
that have become well established in the market today.

If it is not already in our core snacking range,
we can tailor a recipe to suit your specific flavour needs.


Nut Butters

We source and expertly roast premium nuts, working closely with the market to match specific requirements for moisture and colour.

With our UK cleaning facility, we offer a safe product for your pasting lines.

Ice Cream

We offer caramelised and baked inclusions to add colour, taste and texture to your ice cream brand.

With solutions to ensure that the perfect crunch is maintained, all our inclusions are produced using the finest quality ingredients.

Chocolate and Confectionary

The distinctive taste and texture of nuts adds a luxurious element to your treat.

Our roasted and caramelised, whole or nibbed, nuts add a valuable inclusion to compliment chocolate and sweets.

Cereals and Cereal Bars

Roasted nuts and seeds make incredible golden inclusions for clean added protein into breakfast foods and cereals.

From plain roasted to gently caramelised, we offer a range of whole or nibbed nuts to ensure the perfect ingredient for your blend.

Ready Meals

Adding nuts into Ready Meals as an ingredient or garnish provides clean protein, interesting texture and increased value.

Our nuts, nibbed or whole, can be used in nut roasts, curries, salads, breakfast foods and many more.