Walnuts are used as an inclusion or a topping for cakes and brownies. They are also used in savoury pies, salads and as granola inclusions.

Walnuts Range

Walnut Halves Natural Walnut Pieces Walnut Pieces Caramelised Honey Walnut Nibbed

Full Ingredients List

Almond Almond Baked Almond Blanched Almond Blanched Baked
Almond Blanched split Almond Blanched Baked split Almond Natural Nibbed (with skin) Almond Natural Baked Nibbed (with skin)
Almond Blanched Nibbed Almond Blanched Baked Nibbed Almond Blanched Flaked Almond Blanched Baked Flaked
Almond Blanched Strip Almond Blanched Baked Strip Almond Natural Ground (Almond meal) Almond Natural Baked Ground
Almond Caramelised Almond Praline Almond Strips Caramelised Almond Strips Caramelised Honey
Almond Strips Praline Almond Nibbed Caramelised Almond Nibbed Caramelised Honey Almond Nibbed Praline
Brazil Nuts Natural Brazil Nuts Nibbed
Cashew Natural Cashew Baked Unsalted Cashew Raw Split Cashew Baked Split
Cashew Raw Pieces Cashew Baked Pieces Cashew Raw Nibbed Cashew Baked Nibbed
Cashew Raw Ground Cashew Baked Ground Cashew Caramelised Cashew Caramelised Honey
Cashew Praline Cashew Split Caramelised Cashew Split Caramelised Honey Cashew Split Praline
Cashew Pieces Caramelised Cashew Pieces Caramelised Honey Cashew Pieces Praline Cashew Nibbed Caramelised
Cashew Nibbed Caramelised Honey Cashew Nibbed Praline
Hazelnut Natural Hazelnut Blanched Hazelnut Blanched Flaked Hazelnut Blanched Nibbed
Hazelnut Blanched Ground Hazelnut Blanched Baked Unsalted Hazelnut Blanched Baked Flaked Hazelnut Blanched Baked Nibbed
Hazelnut Blanched Baked Ground Hazelnut Caramelised Hazelnut Caramelised Honey Hazelnut Praline
Hazelnut Nibbed Caramelised Hazelnut Nibbed Caramelised Honey Hazelnut Nibbed Praline
Macadamia Natural Macadamia Baked Unsalted Macadamia Nibbed Macadamia Caramelised
Macadamia Caramelised Honey Macadamia Praline Macadamia Nibbed Caramelised Macadamia Nibbed Caramelised Honey
Macadamia Nibbed Praline
Peanut Blanched Peanut Blanched Baked Unsalted Peanut Blanched Split Peanut Blanched Baked Split
Peanut Blanched Flaked Peanut Blanched Baked Flaked Peanut Blanched Nibbed Peanut Blanched Baked Nibbed
Peanut Blanched Ground Peanut Blanched Baked Ground Peanut Caramelised Peanut Caramelised Honey
Peanut Praline Peanut Split Caramelised Peanut Split Caramelised Honey Peanut Split Praline
Peanut Nibbed Caramelised Peanut Nibbed Caramelised Honey Peanut Nibbed Praline
Pecan Nut Halves Pecan Nut Baked Unsalted Pecan Nut Pieces Pecan Nut Pieces Baked Unsalted
Pecan Nut Nibbed Pecan Nut Ground Pecan Nut Caramelised Pecan Nut Caramelised Honey
Pecan Nut Praline Pecan Nut Pieces Caramelised Pecan Nut Pieces Caramelised Honey Pecan Nut Pieces Praline
Pine Nuts Natural Pine Nuts Baked Unsalted Pine Nuts Caramelised Pine Nuts Caramelised Honey
Pine Nuts Praline
Pistachio Kernels Natural Pistachio Kernels Baked Unsalted Pistachio Nibbed Pistachio Baked Nibbed
Pistachio Peeled Pistachio Meal Pistachio Ground Pistachio Kernels Caramelised
Pistachio Kernels Caramelised Honey Pistachio Kernels Praline Pistachio Nibbed Caramelised Pistachio Nibbed Caramelised Honey
Pistachio Nibbed Praline
Pumpkin Seeds Raw Pumpkin Seeds Baked Pumpkin Seeds Caramelised Pumpkin Seeds Caramelised Honey
Sunflower Seeds Raw Sunflower Seeds Baked Sunflower Seeds Caramelised Sunflower Seeds Caramelised Honey
Walnut Halves Natural Walnut Pieces Walnut Pieces Caramelised Honey Walnut Nibbed